Take a look back at the construction of a number of different attractions at UK theme parks, to see how rides which are now a firm part of the line-up came to be.


Lost City

Follow the construction of the Lost City at Thorpe Park from January 2002 to 2005.

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Revisit the construction of the Intamin 10-inversion rollercoaster, Colossus.


Rumba Rapids

Look back on the transformation of Thunder River in to Rumba Rapids for the 2002 season.


Nemesis Inferno

Uncover the the construction of the new B&M Inverted coaster for 2003, Nemesis Inferno.



Follow the construction of Stealth, as it launched into Thorpe Park in time for the 2006 season.


SAW – The Ride

Codenamed Project Dylan, look back on the construction of the Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter for 2009.


The Swarm

Despite the apocalyptic warnings, construction commenced on the B&M wing coaster for 2012.

Credit: Paul Hurst

Angry Birds Land

Angry Birds moved in to the Island in May 2014, with the start of the season providing a look at progress.

Credit: Paul Hurst

Derren Brown’s Ghost Train

A mysterious new development commenced in 2015, with the construction of a new dark ride.



Take a look at the construction of this Chessington classic back in 1998.