Look back on the transformation of Thunder River in to Rumba Rapids for the 2002 season in these photos taken in January and February 2002.

2nd January 2002

The first stage of construction was to refurbish the entrance and exit structure, strengthening the bridge over the ride trough, and adding a roof that will feature colourful purple tiles.

18th January 2002

The new roofing structure was completed and work began on replacing the queue line fencing.

3rd February 2002

The previous wave machine was in the process of being replaced, and the wall behind it was lowered so guests could see more of the ride. The entrance and exit structure was nearing completion, and the tunnel section of the ride was rebuilt completely. The colourful new boats arrived which were not built by the original manufacturer, Intamin.

19th February 2002

The entrance and exit structure was awaiting the ride signage and final touches, whilst the operator’s cabin had received a colourful makeover. A new water tower structure was installed which will soak riders as the boats pass underneath. The on ride photo building also received a refurbishment, with new roofing and paintwork.