Sobek took the place of Rameses with the construction of a new Egyptian themed drop tower ride, aptly named Croc Drop, over the course of 2020.

15th March 2020

The Rameses Revenge ride structure has been removed over the 2019/20 closed season, leaving only the sign which stood behind the ride, and remains of the control booth and fountain pond. With the site already surrounded by construction walls, development will progress over the course of the 2020 season.

19th July 2020

The remaining parts of Rameses Revenge have been removed, and a large concrete foundation poured for the drop tower ride structure in the middle of the site. Anchor bolts can be seen which will secure the surrounding building to the ground. Behind this area, the remaining queue line for the relocated Flying Jumbo’s has been removed, and the area flattened. A construction site office is now situated at the rear of the site, next to the path which leads to Zufari. B&E Services, who have completed previous projects for Merlin, appear to be constructing the ride.