There’s always something exciting in the pipeline at the theme parks, and in this section we share what we know so far.

Explorer Entrance Reconfiguration – 2022/23

Following approval of the Amazon Land development in January 2022, the Resort submitted an application to reconfigure the Explorer Entrance to accommodate the track layout of the new area’s rollercoaster. The planned redevelopment, started in 2022 but seemingly to be completed alongside the World of Jumanji in 2023, sees almost all existing structures demolished, and the installation of a new ticket kiosk building, plaza theming feature, and two canopies.


World of Jumanji – 2023

Work is underway on a new land encompassing a rollercoaster and two children’s rides. Originally outlined in the Resort’s last long term development plan, a full planning application was submitted in August 2021. Following approval in January 2022, it was confirmed that the area would open in 2023. In August 2022, the Resort confirmed the speculation by announcing the new land as being the World of Jumanji.

Waterpark Adventure – 2025 (TBC)

In November 2022, the Resort shared an initial look at its plans to add a new Waterpark Adventure attraction as an extension to the existing Safari Hotel. The waterpark will feature a variety of water-based activities, including themed pools and slides, a spa area, a wave pool and a lazy river which transports guests outside. With the full planning application expected to be submitted in early 2023 and an estimated two year build period, it is thought that the attraction will likely open in 2025.

Safari Lodges – TBC

After an ambitious initial planning application in April 2017, revised plans were submitted in November 2018, stripping the proposals back to a single cluster of 34 lodges, located to the north of Wanyama Reserve. The submission of discharge of conditions applications in October 2021, indicated that the Resort hoped to commence construction in December 2021, although this did not materialise. Instead the lodges are due to open alongside the proposed Waterpark Adventure attraction.

LEGOLAND Windsor Long Term Plan

In June 2017, the Resort submitted a major planning application seeking permission for eight projects, including four new rides, a holiday village, a refresh to ‘The Beginning’, and a reconfiguration of the car parking. A long period of deliberation followed, with further delays caused by several levels of appeals. However, with all avenues to appeal the approval of the application exhausted in late 2021, the Resort are now expected to move forward with implementing the proposed developments.

Indoor Adventure Golf – 2023

June 2022 saw the Resort submit an application to add an indoor Adventure Golf attraction, codenamed ‘Project Birdie’, comprising of four individually themed courses within a 1,400 sq m building. Based on concepts included within the application, potential themes of these included ‘Pirates’, ‘Dragon & Princess’ and ‘Space Adventures’. The attraction is planned to be located to the west of the theme park, on the site of the existing priority car park (Car Park A).

Duelling Family Shuttle Coaster – 2024

In August 2022, the Resort submitted an application for a Lawful Development Certificate for the installation of a new duelling family shuttle coaster, located to the west of Duplo Valley and to the east of the Mansion House, on the site of the former Raft Racers attraction. The plans showed two separate shuttle coaster tracks, with layouts broadly mirroring one another, along with additional elements including a loading platform, operators cabin, queue line and perimeter fencing.


The London Resort

Throughout the consultation and construction period, Attraction Source will be bringing you the latest news and information on what is set to be one of the largest developments the UK leisure industry has ever seen. We have summarised what we know so far into this helpful guide, and will be keeping it up to date with all the latest news and developments surrounding the project.


Project Exodus – 2024

Almost 10 years on from the opening of The Swarm at Thorpe Park, the Resort now have plans to add what is set to be the UK’s tallest rollercoaster. Likely to open for the 2024 season, the flagship new ride will be located in the area that has historically been Old Town, principally replacing Logger’s Leap following its closure in 2015.