It was all hands on deck to transform Pirates’ Cove into Shipwreck Coast over the first half of 2022. This saw two additional children’s flat rides installed, alongside associated theming and landscaping.

2nd April 2022

Ahead of formal planning permission being granted on 4th April, preparatory work was already underway on-site. This included the reconfiguration of a planter, the installation of a concrete foundation for Trawler Trouble, and the excavation of the location of Bobbing Barrels (the working name for Barrel Bail Out, used in the planning documents). Seastorm has also received new queue line fencing, with the queue re-routed so that the ride’s entrance will now face into the refreshed area. The ride’s boats are staged within the construction site, ready to be reinstalled.

8th May 2022

Work continues on the two new Shipwreck Coast attractions with the foundations now complete. Queue line fencing, retaining walls and block paving are being installed ahead of the ride hardware being delivered on to the site. Seastorm has undergone its most extensive refurbishment to date, benefiting from lots of new parts supplied by the manufacturer Mack Rides.

28th May 2022

Since our last update, both new attractions have started to be installed on their respective foundations. Since leaving Thorpe Park and returning from refurbishment, Trawler Trouble sports an attractive new colour scheme which ensures it is a better fit for the new area. The queue line is nearing completion, and the operator control cabin is now visible. The boats have now returned to Seastorm which surround a new themed centrepiece, now featuring a shipwrecked boat and large tentacle from a sea creature. The operator booth is in the process of being repainted with a brighter colour scheme. The former Treasure Chest Games building is undergoing interior work, with a new indoor animal attraction potentially being built. Over at Bobbing Barrels, the ride hardware is in the process of being installed, including the large water tower centrepiece containing water guns that are likely to squirt guests as they ride. New props and theming have arrived on the site, which should enhance the immersive experience of the area upon opening.