Thorpe Park Resort is located on an island like no other and is home to some of the most thrilling rides in the UK – from dizzying roller coasters and disorientating flat rides, to a unique Ghost Train which will leave you questioning your reality. But that’s not all, the island is home to some family favourites too, so whether you want to join those Angry Birds on an adventure, or experience some unique thrills, our comprehensive resort guide will help you explore all the Resort has to offer.



Catch a wave in Amity with the wildly wet Tidal Wave, Storm Surge, Flying Fish, Storm In A Teacup and the towering Stealth launch coaster.

Angry Birds Land

Based on the popular Smartphone game, Angry Birds Land features Dodgems, Angry Birds 4D and the terrifying Detonator: Bombs Away!

Credit: Paul Hurst

The Dock Yard

Only the bravest guests should venture into The Dock Yard, whether to embark on a journey on Derren Brown’s Ghost Train, or to escape to the safe zone on The Walking Dead: The Ride. 

The Jungle

Relax and chill out in The Jungle, the tropical centre of THORPE PARK Resort. You can find the red hot Nemesis Inferno and the white water of Rumba Rapids.

Lost City

Holding more rides than any other area in the park, the mythical ruins of Lost City contain some of the finest flat rides around, and Colossus, the world’s first ten inversion roller coaster.


Old Town

Old Town is home to the thrills of Samurai and the twisted technology of Black Mirror Labyrinth, and lurking on its own island is SAW – The Ride.

Port & Basecamp

Your gateway to an island like no other! Home to the jawesome Thorpe Shark Cabins, the central dome area and the admissions kiosks and turnstiles.

Swarm Island

On its own island is the apocalyptic wasteland that is Swarm Island, invaded by aliens and home to the UK’s only wing coaster.