A portal to the parallel universe of LEGO MYTHICA was constructed over the course of 2020 and early 2021, with this new area including the UK’s first flying theatre and two new family drop towers.

14th March 2020

Initial construction has started for the new for 2021 area. Fences have been erected around the site and land clearing has begun. A stipulation of the planning approval is that the pictured dead tree stump will need to be relocated to retain its ecological function.

1st November 2020

Construction is now well underway for the land now known as Mythica – World of Mythical Creatures. The construction walls have been pushed out further than earlier in the season, which makes getting close to the new area more difficult. The large building which will contain the flying theatre attraction is now visible from two areas; Mia’s Riding Adventure, and on the opposite side of the lake by the LEGOLAND Resort Hotel. The structure is yet to receive its front facade. The former Harbourside Fish & Chips restaurant has been stripped out, with its exterior facade removed. A new footer has been laid at the front of the area for what may be an entrance sign, welcoming guests to the area. The concrete foundations are now in place for the two drop towers, located between the flying theatre building and the attraction formerly named S.Q.U.I.D Surfer. The rock work which surrounds the queue line of S.Q.U.I.D Surfer has been repainted from a brown to a grey colour scheme, featuring blue veins and sections that have broken away, seemingly giving the impression that the area’s geology is LEGO-based.

15th April 2021

With just six weeks to go before the grand opening, the final preparations are being made to LEGO MYTHICA. Seen in the concept art, an impressive entry arch has been built at the front of the area which will greet guests into the land. The exterior of the former Harbourside Fish & Chips appears to be complete and has been transformed in to The Hungry Troll. A larger than life model of a troll stands to the right of the building. A large play structure has been installed behind the restaurant, and features a small slide complex. The transformation of the former S.Q.U.I.D Surfer continues, with the panels on the bridges updated to the new theme. Fire & Ice Freefall, the junior drop towers, are now visible to the right of the entry arch. The flagship attraction, Flight of the Sky Lion, is still out of view due to the hotels and adjacent area being closed to guests due to the current stage of Government COVID-19 restrictions.