Millions of hits a year is a huge amount for a website to receive, so naturally a team of dedicated and welcoming people are needed as the driving force behind it. Attraction Source and TowersTimes has just that, with a collection of enthusiastic and committed team members from every corner of the country.

From the maintenance of the server, moderation of the Attraction Source Forum, creating news articles, planning events, to the management of our social media, the team are committed to their roles on a voluntary basis, in order to bring you the best possible experience.

If you’re interested in joining us, any vacancies are posted on our social media channels.


Chris supports all aspects of the community. From day-to-day operations to planning events, thinking about future plans to shooting the latest POV for our YouTube channel, Chris empowers the team to ensure Attraction Source and TowersTimes is one of the best fan communities out there.


Admin – Technical Website Dev & Branding
Adz oversees the technical side of our websites, along with designing much of the logos and branding that is featured across our community. Outside of this, Adz can usually be found travelling the world racking up his Coaster Count.


Admin – Events & Merchandise
Rob is the events manager for those hosted in the north. When not organising exclusive ride hire, insightful talks, or a behind the scenes tour, he can be found clinging to a truss rig wondering why the lights aren’t working.


Admin – Website & Content Developer
Lewis oversees and develops the content produced for our websites, whether that be resort guides, logos, branding, or the latest news article. When he’s not doing that, you can be sure to see him checking up on the latest developments from theme parks around the world.


Content Creator
Chris is a content creator for Attraction Source and TowersTimes, which sees him helping out with social media and content on the websites. When he’s not doing that, he can be found making apps for theme park enthusiasts, getting excited about scare mazes and eating ice cream.


Content Creator
Rachel (or RollerCoasterRachel of course) principally assists with content for our social media channels. This is helped by her practically being a resident of X Sector, as a result of what may be considered an unhealthy obsession with The Smiler! When taking a break from marmalisation, her time is spent with family, or exploring the paranormal – it therefore won’t come as a surprise that Halloween is her favourite time of year to visit the theme parks.


Content Creator
Zach has been an enthusiast for quite a while and a member of the community for just as long. His love for theme parks and the leisure industry comes from a passion for engineering and a fascination for what’s the next big experience. Having worked in the industry, there is nothing more pleasing than seeing a smile on a guest’s face at the end of the day! In his spare time he also enjoys photography, driving and socialising with friends, including a good drink or two.


Content Creator
Craig never takes himself too seriously. He has a passion for theme parks and the amusement industry, and his travels take him all over. He also enjoys most sports, in particular football and motorsport. His family are his world. Craig quite likes the odd cider or two, along with throwing a few shapes (as long as he doesn’t put his back out considering his age). ‘Life is not a rehearsal! You get one chance enjoy it!’


Content Creator
Now in his second stint as part of Attraction Source & TowersTimes, Dan’s role sees him assist the rest of the team with maintaining the social media feeds and producing website content. In his spare time he can be found pointing his camera over the fence at Manchester Airport, following his beloved Derby County Football Club or enjoying some downtime on his PS5.


Content Creator
Carly’s role as a Content Creator involves updating the website news pages and supporting the team in producing and publishing social media content and strategies. Outside of the community, Carly works in social media within the third sector in Scotland.


Content Creator
Emily-May can usually be found at Alton Towers Resort wandering the gardens with her trusty camera, queueing for the front row on Nemesis, or hanging out at the top of the ruins. She loves seeking out the resort’s hidden gems and spends a lot of time researching the park, accumulating all manner of strange facts along the way.


Content Creator
Matt is a passionate photographer and loves snapping thrilling coasters. He is almost never without a camera in his hand, and if you do manage to find him without one, it’s because he most likely put it down to ride Nemesis, his favourite ride in the world. He’s also the club photographer for Harrogate Town Association Football Club, and also enjoys visiting attractions with his wife and son.

If you would like to contact a particular member of the team, then please send us a message on our contact us page.