Uncover the the construction of the new B&M Inverted coaster for 2003, Nemesis Inferno, which was known as Project Calypso during development.

8th December 2001

Initial work started on the site. The area was fenced off with hazard tape, and preparation begun for the demolition of the Dino Bumper Boats building.

8th January 2002

The Tropical Travels area was cleared, and the channel filled in. The Dino Bumper Boats building was demolished, along with the first section of bridge next to it. The bridge was used to access the Thorpe Waterski site, which was sold by the park.

19th January 2002

Continued land clearing and preparation, whilst the remaining section of bridge that crossed the road and footpath was demolished.

2nd February 2002

Work continued on clearing the area of unwanted earth and debris. Preparation started for the station and other foundations, giving an idea of the size of the site.

19th February 2002

Construction commenced for the new access road which replaced the one in the middle of the site. This had to be completed for the start of the season.

11th March 2002

Work continued on the new access road, along with construction of the various foundations for the ride structure.

22nd March 2002

The majority of work was focused on the station area. Much like Colossus, advertisements for the ride went up around the park, with large banners and signs stating the ‘world’s greatest coaster experience’.

14th April 2002

Work on the station area continued. Footers started to be poured for the lift hill and curving first drop.

12th May 2002

Many more footers and foundations were completed, with work continuing on the large station area, including the tunnel that the train will pass through at the base of the volcano.

20th May 2002

Further footers for the ride supports were completed all over the site. Two tunnel supports arrived which had to be installed before the roof was constructed.

12th June 2002

The two ride supports were installed, and the concrete roof added above. Station steelwork was erected, with the top platform set to hold the dropping floor. Soil was moved to form a mound against the tunnel wall, and the last few footers were poured.

23rd June 2002

Work continued on the many footers and foundations all over the site, with the anchor bolts for supports being set in to the concrete.

11th July 2002

Foundation work started to come to an end. The station flooring was added, with a gap in the platform now evident where the ride would be installed.