With warnings that the end of the world was nigh, Thorpe Park commenced construction of LC12, a Bolliger & Mabillard wing coaster eventually revealed as The Swarm.

11th September 2008

Three years prior to the main construction commencing, the section of Manor Lake that would eventually become Swarm Island was filled in. Land was excavated from the former site of Thorpe Farm to compensate for this.

8th October 2011

With the name and theme of ride being announced in August, The Swarm was already being advertised around the park. On site, the first sections of track had been erected, these being the trim brakes and turn before the final brake run. More track and supports were being stored in the area behind the ride. The majority of the steelwork for the station and connected maintenance building was also in place.

14th October 2011

In less than a week, the track from the final brake run, through the station and up to the first section of the lift hill had been constructed, along with the section at the base of the first drop. Supports for the Zero-G roll that follows the initial drop had also started to go up.

19th October 2011

Progress continued at a rapid pace, with the lift hill being topped off, and further track and supports erected for the first drop, along with the ground-hugging track section that would eventually sweep around the water and helicopter.

29th October 2011

With the 2011 season drawing to a close, these photos show the completed wing-over drop and partially constructed Zero-G roll. The majority of supports for the rest of the layout had also been erected.

Construction Time-lapse

In just over two minutes, follow The Swarm’s journey from the ground up in this time-lapse filmed during the 2011-2012 construction period.