Originally known as Project Odyssey, revisit the construction of the Intamin 10-inversion rollercoaster, Colossus, which opened in 2002 as Thorpe Park’s first major coaster.

1st November 2000

John Wardley’s Rollercoaster Tycoon recreation of what Colossus would look like, and views across the construction site where land clearing had been completed, along with the installation of the first piles and foundations.

4th December 2000

Further piles were being driven into the ground for the cobra roll trench. A model was installed at the edge of the construction site, providing guests with an insight in to how the finished attraction would look.

7th January 2001

Work on the foundations and footers had started, with a retaining wall built between the construction site and X:\ No Way Out, to allow space for the maintenance building to be constructed.

26th January 2001

Continued ground work and preparations for the raised walkway, which will span from one end of the coaster to the other.

6th February 2001

Concrete structures were now visible on the left of the site, with the queue line set to pass through the dark blue tunnel.

22nd February 2001

The majority of the footers for ride supports were now complete, and work was continuing on the trench for the cobra roll.

15th March 2001

A lot more concrete was now visible, and the raised walkway was coming together.

6th April 2001

The first photo shows the lift hill footers in place, with the raised walkway bridge progressing next to them. The track will pass under the bridge twice; after the vertical loop, and in between the two corkscrews.

16th May 2001

The paths leading up to the raised concrete bridge were being constructed.

17th June 2001

The raised walkway was almost complete, set to provide great views of the ride in operation. Windows were created in the construction fence which provided onlookers with a clear view in to the site.

15th July 2001

A new concrete access path was constructed through the water, and a large scaffolding structure was built in preparation for construction of the lift hill.

21st July 2001

The initial delivery of steel consisted of four pieces of track for the station and lift hill, and various supports.

29th July 2001

As more and more deliveries arrived each day, supports were installed for the taller half of the lift hill.

3rd August 2001

The taller half of the lift hill was topped off with track. The bottom half and the station were installed at a later date. The supports for the heartline rolls started going in.

25th August 2001

The first turn around and drop were complete, and more supports were being installed all over the site. Work also began on the queue line. The last two photos were taken by John Wardley on 28/08/01.

9th September 2001

The vertical loop had been constructed, along with the airtime hill proceeding it. Work was now focused on the cobra roll.

15th September 2001

The shorter half of the lift hill was constructed, and track started to rise for the cobra roll. The rest of the track and supports for the layout had now arrived on site.

26th September 2001

The cobra roll and both corkscrews were now complete. The remaining supports for the four heartline rolls were installed, along with those for the final turnaround.

3rd October 2001

The layout was almost complete. Only the brake run, station, and transfer track were remaining. One of the corner supports for X:\ No Way Out’s building was replaced with a modified version, allowing adequate clearance for the transfer track area for Colossus.

28th October 2001

The station track was installed, along with lighting along the lift hill. Supports had started to be bolted down securely, and grouted to the footers.