Codenamed Project Dylan, take a look back on the construction of the Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter coaster for 2009, SAW – The Ride.

10th February 2007

A year before main construction started, the lake next to Colossus and Samurai was partially infilled to create the land for Saw – The Ride. The new land required a lengthy period of settlement before it could be built on, hence the early preparation.

16th March 2008

A year on, the site had been expanded and made less of an island. Colossus had its queue line cut short, and a new channel added to the outlet flow of Logger’s Leap so the water could reach the lake.

20th April 2008

The new infilled land was almost complete. The spit of land that contained the queue line for Colossus had been connected with the new infill, leaving the area of water under the vertical loop isolated from Abbey Lake. A section of the Canada Creek Railway track had been temporarily removed to permit access for construction without damaging it.

23rd June 2008

Views of the finished infill site, which awaited construction to begin on the ride itself.

16th July 2008

Construction had started with the preparation for the station building foundations, along with trees being removed to accommodate the outdoor section of the coaster. Many concrete rings were delivered which would make up the ride footers.

28th July 2008

Work continued on the foundations of the station building and preparation for the various footers. A large trench had been dug in the centre of the site, for the base of the coaster’s initial indoor drop.

31st August 2008

Work continued on the complex foundations, and the concrete rings were being placed in their final positions, in preparation for pouring the concrete footers.

8th September 2008

Ride parts had now started to arrive on site. The aerial views taken from Colossus clearly show the large station foundation in more detail, and various other footers around the site. The large foundation being created above the red metal container would be for the lift and drop structure.

11th September 2008

In only a couple of days, major progress was made on the future indoor track sections, with these photos showing the completion of the station, turn, drop in to the trench, curve, and slanted block brake.

7th October 2008

The track had now been completed, with these photos showing the pre-lift hill track, including the inline twist, lift hill and drop structure, Immelmann inversion, overbanked turn, airtime hill, block brake, dive loop, and final turn leading back into the station.

19th October 2008

Work continued on enclosing the station building, creating the interior room sections and outer facade.

20th November 2008

Work on the station building cladding continued, along with the rebuilding of the removed Canada Creek Railway track section, and the delivery of the coaster trains.

11th January 2009

As the winter season came to a close, the station building had now been covered and themed. Work continued on the interactive elements inside, audio and visual components, queue line and signage.

14th February 2009

With the park opening for the 2009 season, it was possible to see the extensive work that had been carried out on the ride since the previous update, which included the impressive building facade, large rotating blades above the first drop, and the boiler and entrance structures. Continuous test runs were also taking place. The two blue containers in the middle of the area would become the retail store, after being themed accordingly. Further infilling of the lake was taking place adjacent to Colossus, to create a pathway and a site for a future attraction.

1st March 2009

With just two weeks until opening day, final work was taking place. Further theming was added to the exterior areas and queue line, including the addition of faux barbed wire, rotating fans, a police car, hazard signs, surveillance cameras, exterior TV’s and the ‘SAW Store’. Note the ride facts added to the side of the store, with the project name and opening date above – a nice touch for those that know.