16 February 2021

Chessington World of Adventures Resort announces Croc Drop

2021-02-16T18:32:59+00:0016th February 2021|Chessington World of Adventures Resort|

Chessington World of Adventures Resort have today officially announced their new for 2021 attraction, Croc Drop. Set to ‘drop’ in Spring 2021, with an exact opening date to be confirmed, brave explorers will plunge 25m into the giant jaws of Sobek, the ancient Egyptian Crocodile God and protector of the [...]

31 January 2021

DCO Application for The London Resort accepted for examination

2021-01-31T20:19:18+00:0031st January 2021|The London Resort|

Following its submission at the end of 2020, the Development Consent Order (DCO) for The London Resort has now been accepted for examination by the Planning Inspectorate, with its 25,000 pages of reports, assessments and analysis providing a new insight into the project. Having originally been announced in [...]

31 December 2020

The London Resort submit Development Consent Order

2020-12-31T11:38:04+00:0031st December 2020|The London Resort|

The London Resort have today announced that they have submitted their Development Consent Order (DCO) - a key step in the planning process for the project. Although the full DCO, said to comprise of over 25,000 pages of reports, assessments and analysis, is not yet publicly available, London Resort Company [...]

7 December 2020