A tsunami sized wave has caused total devastation in Amity Cove, and the crazy hosts on WWTP Radio certainly have a lot to say about it! The spectacularly wet Tidal Wave is joined by the thrills of Storm Surge and Depth Charge, alongside fun for the little ones on Flying Fish and High Striker. During the summer months, guests can chill out and enjoy the warm waters of Amity Beach.

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Amity Beach

It’s only natural for an island to have its own beach, although you wouldn’t expect to find it located in the middle of the park! Open during the summer months only, guests can relax on the golden sand and splash about in the calm water.

Opened: 1989 | Manufacturer: N.V Aquatic | Height Restriction: 1.1m* | Ride Photos? No
*Applies to the blue and green slides of Wet Wet Wet. Anyone under 1.1m must be accompanied by someone 16 yrs or over.

Depth Charge

The giant yellow submarine sat atop Depth Charge highlights the playful summertime feeling of this ride. Climbing four stories, the queue leads guests to the top of the four lane slide, where they climb aboard a rubber dinghy. When it’s time to ride, all four dinghies are raised automatically to start their journey down the slide. With two moments of airtime, riders cling on to the sides of their dinghy until they reach the bottom and slide across the braking mat, enjoying the cooling water spray.

Opened: 1991 | Manufacturer: WhiteWater West | Height Restriction: 0.9m* | Ride Photos? No
*Anyone between 0.9m and 1.2m must be accompanied by someone 16 yrs or over.

Flying Fish

Formerly the park’s most thrilling attraction in the early years, Flying Fish is now more frequently ridden by younger guests. Utilising the same powered roller coaster ride system as its neighbour at Chessington World of Adventures, riders speed through several laps of the intertwining figure-of-eight layout.

Opened: 2007 | Manufacturer: Mack Rides | Height Restriction: 0.9m* | Ride Photos? Yes
*Anyone between 0.9m and 1.1m must be accompanied by someone 16 yrs or over.

High Striker

Bouncing gently up-and-down, and providing a nice view across Storm Surge and the rest of Amity, High Striker is a great ride for young thrill seekers. The ride was relocated to Amity from Old Town, where it had operated from 2017-2021 as Lumber Jump, before making way for the Project Exodus development.

Opened: 2022 | Manufacturer: Zamperla | Height Restriction: 0.9m* | Ride Photos? No
*Anyone between 0.9m and 1.1m must be accompanied by someone 16 yrs or over.

Storm Surge

A ride type more frequently seen in water parks, Storm Surge has the capability of drenching riders through its hidden water sprays and not-so-hidden final waterfall. Climbing up the lift hill in the inflatable boat provides a relaxing experience and a superb view across the park. Coming back down leads to plenty of spinning, splashes and laughter.

Opened: 2011 | Manufacturer: WhiteWater | Height Restriction: 1.1m* | Ride Photos? No
*Anyone between 1.1m and 1.2m must be accompanied by someone 16 yrs or over.

Tidal Wave

Located in a traditional New England fishing village, Tidal Wave is the tallest and wettest water ride in the UK. Riders live through the feeling of a tsunami by boarding a boat that plunges down an 85ft drop, hitting the splash pool below where a giant wave is created over 60ft high. Don’t miss the quirky queue line features, and be cautious as you exit the station, another wave can hit!

Opened: 2000 | Manufacturer: WhiteWater / OD Hopkins | Height Restriction: 1.2m | Ride Photos? Yes