With the the big yellow submarine on-top of Depth Charge, an enormous wave generated by Tidal Wave and the giant tower of Stealth, everything has a humongous presence in this area of the theme park.

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Amity Donut Bites

Amity Kebabs

Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shop

Churros, Waffles & Coffee

Dessert Diner

Dockside Snacks

Donut Factory



The Megastore




Towering at 205ft, Stealth is one of the first landmarks that guests will see when travelling to the park. Boasting the world’s 4th fastest launch acceleration of any roller coaster, riders rocket from 0-80mph in just over 2 seconds. As the track rises into a 90° climb, riders are exposed to forces of 4.5g, which then reduces as the apex of the top hat approaches where significant airtime is experienced. Rotating back down into a 90° twist and drop, the return to ground level is as thrilling as the upward journey. A brief amount of airtime is felt on the following hill, before braking hard on the approach to the station. Whilst the core ride