We haven’t forgotten about the many rides & attractions that have left the theme park, whether to make space for new developments or because of planning restrictions. Remind yourself of what once resided at the resort, for some Chessington nostalgia.


Opened: 2000 | Closed: 2009

Themed to one of the most successful British comics of all time, Beanoland was home to Bash Street Bus, Billy’s Whizzer, Dennis’ Madhouse, and Roger the Dodger’s Dodgems. After nine years the area had run its course, and was reimagined in to Wild Asia, with the existing attractions updated accordingly.


Opened: 1990 | Closed: 2016

Professor Burp’s Bubbleworks was one of the world’s most iconic dark rides, where guests would enter a magical factory and follow the making of Professor Burp’s fizzy pop from juicing to bottling. Developed by John Wardley, designed by Keith Sparks’ production company, and featuring music by Graham Smart, Bubbleworks opened the same year as Vampire in a new area of the park called Transylvania, and became an immediate success. Known for its quirky animations, immersive storyline and fantastic humour, Bubbleworks operated in its original form for sixteen years before closing at the end of the 2005 season, to take on a new theme and sponsor; Imperial Leather.

Gone was Professor Burp and his fizzy pop empire, crassly replaced by a soap factory to suit the sponsor. Many of the original scenes were modified, animations made static, and quirky humour removed. The 2006 transformation was a poorly executed project, which removed all charm and taste that the original attraction conveyed so well. Bubbleworks was put out of its misery when The Gruffalo River Ride Adventure opened in 2017, using the existing ride system. Long live the Bubbleheads!