From zoo to theme park, Chessington World of Adventures opened its doors in 1987 and featured some of the most impressive attractions and immersive environments that the country had ever seen.

Magic Carpet sat proudly next to the beautiful Dragon River log flume ride, located together in Mystic East. Manufactured by Zierer and seating 40 people, the ride would quickly soar in to the air in a thrilling circular motion, providing guests with a feeling of ‘airtime’ when it reached its peak.

Until Rameses Revenge opened in the neighbouring Forbidden Kingdom, Magic Carpet was the premier flat ride at the park, entertaining guests until 1999 when it was replaced by Samurai, the legendary Mondial Topscan.

Taken in winter 1998/1999, the following photos show Magic Carpet in the deconstruction process, and land clearing in preparation for Samurai and its large queue line.