Ever wanted to know how the magic is created, or how things work? Direct from the Attraction Source archive, these photos show some of Thorpe Park Resort’s past and present attractions from areas not normally seen by the general public.

3D Freakshow

The 3D Freakshow debuted alongside The Freezer as part of the original ‘Fright Nites’ event line-up in 2002, and featured twisted scenes brought to life with UV paint and 3D glasses.  The attraction closed in 2006, with the space since repurposed in to other Fright Nights mazes such as The Cabin in the Woods and The Walking Dead: Living Nightmare.

Nemesis Inferno

Some unique views of Nemesis Inferno including the operator’s console, ride control panel, and a look at the ‘inferno’ inside the volcano. The lighting system that produces the fiery glow has changed over the years, but the overall effect remains the same.