14 September 2006

Thorpe Park Submit Planning Application for Hotel

2020-12-31T00:19:20+00:0014th September 2006|Thorpe Park Resort|

In a surprise move, Thorpe Park have applied for planning permission to build a resort hotel on the current site of the former Cemex works next to the car park. The images have been taken from a large planning application uploaded to the Runnymede Borough Council website which include categories [...]

24 August 2003

Thorpe Park submits Medium Term Development Plan for 2004-2009

2020-12-28T21:33:03+00:0024th August 2003|Thorpe Park Resort|

On 20th August, Thorpe Park submitted a Medium Term Development Plan (MTDP) to Runnymede Council. The plan sets out the vision for development at the park until 2009, and provides the framework within which more detailed planning applications will follow. Attraction Source explores the main features of the plan and [...]

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