In August 2022, LEGOLAND Windsor Resort submitted an application for a Lawful Development Certificate for the installation of a new duelling family shuttle coaster, located to the west of Duplo Valley and to the east of the Mansion House, on the site of the former Raft Racers attraction. The plans showed two separate shuttle coaster tracks, with layouts broadly mirroring one another, along with additional elements including a loading platform, operators cabin, queue line and perimeter fencing.

14th March 2024

In our final on-site update before Minifigure Speedway opens to the public on March 29th, lots of progress has been made including completion of the track layout and installation of the trains on the track. The twenty seater Team All Stars and Team Legends trains look striking in their orange and blue colour schemes, respectively. The ride tested for the first time a few days before this update, and commissioning will continue by Zierer in the lead up to opening.

Roxie, the world’s largest Minifigure, is now accompanied by the partially completed billboard. ‘The race is on’ slogan is prominently featured alongside images of Team Legends and Team All Stars. When in operation, riders will burst out the front of the billboard in opposite directions, which will be quite the spectacle! At the rear, murals and graffiti are being added, including from Banana Guy…

Lots of progress has been made on the queue line, exit path, associated canopy structures and retaining walls. Landscaping around the area has started, and the main tarmac pathway has been poured in front of the ride where guests can pass underneath the track. At the rear of the site, the decorating work to the front of St. Leonard’s Mansion is wrapping up.

8th February 2024

Weighing over 6 tonnes, standing at 30ft tall and complete with her glistening racing suit, Minifigure Speedway’s mascot Roxie was installed in the last week and makes an incredible themed centrepiece for the attraction. What appears to be the framework for a billboard was also erected which both coaster trains will pass through twice, offering a fantastic photo opportunity.

Since our last update, the majority of the layout for Minifigure Speedway is now in place, with just a few remaining track sections near to the station awaiting installation. The four rear inclines are now in place, and unlike a Vekoma family boomerang model that relies on gravity alone, these Zierer versions feature a second tyre driven lift hill for each layout, which will pull the trains to the top and then release them, so the journey in reverse will be as fast as the first forwarding facing ride.

Early groundwork preparations are underway for the entrance and queue line of the attraction at the top of the site, with the steel beams and concrete walls taking shape that will form a stepped ascent to the station. The operator’s booth is now visible in the station, which now has its roof and exterior walls installed.

6th December 2023

LEGOLAND Windsor Resort kindly invited us on to the Minifigure Speedway construction site to cover the first section of track being installed on the coaster’s layout. Following the many support columns that had been erected over the last few weeks, it was the red side of the ride that was chosen to receive track first, with a section of one of the lower helixes installed. The construction team quickly started to bolt the track section in place as we were leaving the site, and will be busy over the winter season installing the rest of the layout of the two coasters. We’re grateful to the resort for letting us witness this major milestone in the construction project!

25th November 2023

Red and blue Zierer track had recently been delivered to the car park staging area, accompanied by various supports for the shuttle coasters. On the construction site, the large ride station structure has now gone vertical. The elevated operator’s booth can be seen at the front of the building, which will provide a clear view of both tracks during the loading process down below. Further down the site, many of the track supports are now in position on their respective footers, and it’s already clear the coasters will have a commanding and impressive presence on the hillside. St. Leonard’s Mansion, or otherwise known as the main office building for the resort, is having its exterior render repainted as part of the project.

22nd September 2023

Work started on the many coaster footers and foundations across the site. These are created by piles being driven into the ground, rebar placed on top usually in a square or circle shape, and then concrete poured to form the footer that the ride supports will be placed upon.

17th July 2023

With the construction site now fully cleared, land grading commenced in preparation for the first foundations to be laid. As the area is on a sloped hillside, this will be no easy task!

February 2023 – Canopies Plans

Following the granting of the Lawful Development Certificate for the duelling coaster itself in November 2022, LEGOLAND submitted a planning application for the installation of six canopies to cover the ride’s station area and parts of the queue line. The canopies were said to all comprise steel columns with olive/black coloured corrugated sheeting roof with aluminium guttering. Three small canopies were proposed for sections of the queue line, with the interior walls due to be graphic wrapped. Another canopy was proposed above the batching area, where guests would be directed to one of the two coasters, referred to as the ‘Red Ride’ and ‘Blue Ride’. A fifth canopy was proposed for the holding area located beneath the lift hills for the coasters. Finally, a canopy was proposed to cover the full station platform. Details of the proposed photo booth, positioned along the exit route from the ride, were also shown on the plans, although it was noted that this would be built under Permitted Development Rights.

18th February 2023

Since our last update, the construction site has been cleared even further, with the removal of many trees and shrubs, along with the bridge section of queue line that would cross over the former Raft Racers attraction. The section of queue line before this point is being retained and adapted to become the ride exit for the new coasters.

26th November 2022

Our first photo update shows the work that has taken place on the site to remove the slides of the former Raft Racers attraction. With the Lawful Development Certificate having been granted this month, it is expected that activity will start to pick up as we move into 2023.

August 2022 – Plans

In late August 2022, the Resort submitted an application for a Lawful Development Certificate for the installation of a new duelling family shuttle coaster. Located to the west of Duplo Valley and to the east of the Mansion House, on the site of the former Raft Racers attraction, the plans showed two separate shuttle coaster tracks, with layouts that broadly mirror one another. Alongside the rollercoasters, the application also encompassed additional elements including a loading platform, operators cabin, queue line and perimeter fencing. The maximum height of the proposed ride will be approximately 10.8m above ground level, although the actual overall elevation change between the highest and lowest points of the track will be greater than this, looking closer to around 18m. With the drawing numbers of the plans submitted as part of the application starting with ‘LL24’, it appeared that a 2024 opening was being targeted.