Drayton Manor Resort is working with Intamin on a new family-friendly thrill coaster.

A new lift and launch coaster will open in 2024 as part of a multimillion-pound investment plan, continuing the park’s expansion under the ownership of the Looping Group. The upcoming ride will be the first coaster installed at Drayton Manor since 2011, and will complement the planned upgrades to Shockwave, which is receiving a new sit down train to extend the life of the famous attraction.

30th October 2023

October saw a large delivery of ride supports from Intamin arrive, and around 80% of the coaster footers completed, ready for vertical construction to commence soon. The supports do not bolt to the footers, instead they are submerged into the middle of them, and then concrete poured around them to secure in place. Wooden covers are currently placed over the holes to presumably protect them from wet weather and construction debris. The adjacent Drunken Barrels attraction is undergoing a retheme for integration into the new area, also encompassing the new for 2024 coaster.

27th May 2023

Ay you, no peeking! More permanent construction walls were erected around the site in a brown colour, watched over by a new time lapse camera on the Drunken Barrels building. Land clearing of the site continued ready for the footers and foundations to commence.

1st April 2023

With the removal of Apocalypse over the winter period, further land clearing for the 2024 coaster began.