LEGOLAND Billund was the original LEGOLAND attraction, opening in 1968. Boasting four roller coasters, as well as an array of water rides, flat rides, and LEGO-themed exhibitions, it is a fantastic family theme park located in Denmark, within the town that is the home of LEGO itself. Attraction Source were invited to visit LEGOLAND Billund to check out what it has to offer!

The park’s flagship ride is Dragen, a Mack Rides powered coaster that features a dark ride section at the beginning, followed by the swooping turns and helices that you would expect in a traditional coaster layout. Dragen was the ride that set the precedence for similar attractions at other LEGOLAND parks around the world, including the much loved Dragon at LEGOLAND Windsor. The ride is a fantastic family attraction and the lack of a chain lift and first drop helps to make it an approachable roller coaster for nervous riders too. An interesting quirk is that, unlike most Mack Rides powered coasters, it has two trains that operate at the same time, increasing the general capacity compared to just one.

Polar X-Plorer is a Zierer family thrill coaster that opened in 2012, featuring a brilliant drop-track section! The ride begins with a surprisingly forceful layout with pops of floater airtime and positive g forces as the train navigates through an ice mountain. The midpoint of the ride arrives when you pull into the inside of the mountain, and a short video scene plays of a LEGO man chipping away at ice before the drop track falls. The ride ends with a slow meander back to the station past some LEGO animals before you pull into the brake run which features amazing views into the Gentoo Penguin habitat next door. Polar X-Plorer is a great example of an attraction that combines both thrills and wildlife, in an immersive themed setting.

Flying Eagle is the park’s Zierer Force 281 roller coaster, a fun family attraction with a well themed LEGO eagle shaped train. The layout is simple and enjoyable, and features some fantastic rockwork theming that the track utilises by going both over and through. Flying Eagle completes the track twice in a single cycle, giving riders plenty of time to enjoy the beautiful scenery and views over the western themed area of the park.

Xtreme Racer is a Mack Rides wild mouse coaster and a ride you might recognise if you visited LEGOLAND Windsor between 2004 and 2009 and rode Jungle Coaster, as this is another ride of the same design and layout that was moved to LEGOLAND Florida! Xtreme Racer provides a fast paced layout with a fun first drop and sharp turns that this ride style is so known for. The attractive train design utilises the classic LEGO technic style with each car seating four riders, which provide a thrilling ride for all the family.

LEGOLAND Billund is home to some incredibly unique attractions that you wouldn’t necessarily expect to find in a LEGOLAND theme park. Rides like Apocalypseburg Sky Battle and Ice Pilots School are two attractions that provide a thrilling (and at times) very intense experience. Other unique rides include LEGO Canoe, an original log flume style ride where you sit in a canoe shaped boat and follow the flume whilst observing life-sized LEGO animal models, and Viking River Splash, a new generation rapids ride with a vertical lift hill and large drop. Less thrilling, but just as interesting attractions include a wonderful pirate boat ride called Piratbåde, which takes you on a journey through a pirate camp, and the flying theatre ride Emmet’s Flying Adventure – Masters Of Flight. Both are extremely enjoyable, and a must experience when visiting!