A portal to the parallel universe of LEGO MYTHICA: World of Mythical Creatures is now open at LEGOLAND Windsor Resort, with the new multi-million-pound land publicly opening to guests this weekend.

The flagship attraction in the new area is Flight of the Sky Lion, the UK’s first flying theatre. This attractions sees guests take flight with Maximus on a thrilling expedition through the realms. Situated at the far end of the area, a LEGO model of Maximus himself is the centrepiece of the attraction building’s themed exterior. Guests queue in a covered cattle-pen queue-line in a space covered with the mystical runes of LEGO MYTHICA. Screens throughout the queue-line introduce guests to the creatures they may encounter on their journey, and LEGO models of these are also on show. If guests are inspired to build their own creations, there are also sections where LEGO bricks will be available once it is appropriate to have them. Guests will then be batched into one of seven bays, which correspond to the theatre’s seven gondolas that each seat either 10 or 12 guests and are spread across three floors. They then move through (climbing up to the higher floors if assigned to them) to briefing areas, with screens providing a final insight into the ride experience and how to safely enjoy it. Once the doors open, guests move through and take their seats, with shelves available for any loose belongings.

The ride experience begins with guests being rotated 180 degrees to face the screen, with Maximus then guiding guests through a portal into the breath-taking landscape of LEGO MYTHICA. As you swoop, duck and dive through different environments, you come face-to-face with the realm’s many characters, including the two-headed Hydra (Duo), Fire and Ice Bird (Crystal Flame) and the Greek mythology inspired Chimera creature. The ride features additional effects such as water sprays and smells, to full immerse guests into the fantastical world. At the end of the adventure, the seats rotate back into their starting position, allowing guests to disembark.

The movie is both fun and enjoyable, and utilises the feature of learning about the various mythical creatures during the journey, and then being able to meet them after the ride as they are situated around the area. Whilst we feel the combination of the large theatre screen and Brogent Technologies ride system is impressive, it is not as well executed as the Disney and Europa Park versions as the ceiling is visible above the screen, which takes away from the feeling of being totally immersed in the world of LEGO MYTHICA. This aside, the experience of being transported from the loading platform into the screen is unlike anything else in the country, and is a fantastic surprise that will be new to most.

Another new addition to the area is Fire & Ice Freefall. These 13 metre tall spinn