Summer is here, and Thorpe Park is entering its busiest time of the year.

Ride reliability continues to be a problem, with Stealth and Colossus having recent periods of downtime.

Rush is currently closed following on from an incident at the end of May. A piece of metal fell from the top of the structure, hitting one of the swings then landing on the path opposite the ride. Thankfully no one was hurt. The park are in the process of adding a platform at the top of the ride structure so the part that came loose can be checked more frequently.

In a move to reduce landfill waste produced by the park, new recycling bins have been added to each area, along with wooden housings for wheelie bins. Unfortunately the letter has become a haven for wasps as the rubbish is open to the elements.

In other news, the new maintenance facility for the engineering team on the peninsula is nearing completion, and infilling of land continues near Stealth and on the former Treasure Island site, which closely follows what was outlined in the Medium Term Development Plan. The new land will nearly meet in the middle of the lake, with just a bridge required to walk from one to the other, and should eventually host themed areas.
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