Thorpe Park Resort have announced that ‘Big Easy Boulevard’ will be the name of the upcoming replacement for Angry Birds Land, opening for the 2024 season.

Following the retirement of Angry Birds Land at the end of the 2023 season, the park have recently revealed that the newly re-themed land will be based on the streets of New Orleans, with the name ‘Big Easy Boulevard’ intended to “capture the city’s laid-back atmosphere, vibrant culture, and the easy-flowing nature of its music, festivities, and lifestyle.”

On social media platform X, Thorpe Park Resort have explained the reasoning behind this particular theme:

It’s been designed to create a smooth transition between Amity Cove, Amity Speedway and the Calypso style of Nemesis Inferno’s area.

The new land will see Detonator, King Pig’s Wild Hog Dodgems and the 4D cinema all receive new themes. At King Pig’s Wild Hog Dodgems, guests will be able to ‘fuel the fun’ as the attraction is re-themed to a gas station. In the new concept art, we can see that the attraction will feature new lighting, fun signage and props. Also visible is a custom wait time sign. Meanwhile, Detonator will retain its current name but feature a new story, taking place at Freedom Firework Co, where every day is the Fourth of July!

The 4D cinema will re-imagined into a trendy urban cinema, offering the space for more flexibility. We feel this is a great idea as it means any individual movie will not clash with the overall theme of the area. Originally opening in 1988 as the Park Palladium, the theatre has seen many different offerings over the years, both in terms of permanent movie showings and temporary features for Fright Nights, the most famous being Pirates 4D, which followed the adventures of cabin boy Davey and his monkey named Chester around the treacherous Pirate Island. The attraction will re-open with a new film, with details due to be released in the future.

It’s not just the attractions that will be receiving a re-theme, however. It appears that whilst many of the bright colours of Angry Birds Land will remain, Big Easy Boulevard will also benefit from the addition of fencing, balconies and window shutters reminiscent of New Orleans French Quarter architectural styles. As visitors enter the land, they will notice a transformation with the removal of the existing Angry Birds entrance portal, replaced with themed signage that will set the tone for the atmosphere within. A specific area soundtrack should further enhance the overall immersive experience.

The former Flock N Shop will also change, becoming ‘CandyPips SweetEasy’, which is set to offer ‘all the sweet treats your heart desires’. We’ve yet to learn what the future holds for the ‘Peckish’ food outlet, with concept art currently showing ‘Name Here’ on the former jacket potato and hot dog restaurant. We are hoping to see some New Orleans inspired food and beverage offerings to complement the vibrant atmosphere of the new area.

Overall, this seems to be a very positive move for the park and will help bring much-needed cohesion between Amity Cove and Amity Speedway. With the park also recently stating that they’re embarking on a ‘Sparkle Project’ across the park this closed season, including completing the first of two stages of repainting Colossus – and the small matter of constructing the UK’s tallest roller coaster – it’s set to be a busy closed season at Thorpe Park Resort!

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