Originally opening in 2006 as Amity Speedway, the colourful area was updated in 2024 to feature elements of both the New England and New Orleans inspired Amity and Big Easy Boulevard themes, respectively. Stealth, one of the world’s fastest accelerating launch coasters can be found here, alongside Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shop, perfect ice cream to enjoy on a warm day. Don’t miss the Sunken Garden, a perfect place to relax away from the hustle and bustle of the theme park.

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Food & Beverage

  • Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shop


There are no shops in this area


Towering at 205ft, Stealth is one of the first landmarks that guests will see when travelling to the park. Boasting one of the world’s fastest launch accelerations of any roller coaster, riders rocket from 0-80mph in just under 2 seconds. As the track rises into a 90° climb, riders are exposed to forces of 4.5g, which then reduces as the apex of the top hat approaches where significant airtime is experienced. Rotating back down into a 90° twist and drop, the return to ground level is as thrilling as the upward journey. A brief amount of airtime is felt on the following hill, before braking hard on the approach to the station. Whilst the core ride experience only lasts a few seconds, it’s an attraction that many will want to ride time-and-time again.

Opened: 2006 | Manufacturer: Intamin | Height Restriction: 1.4m* | Ride Photos? Yes
*There is also a maximum height restriction of 1.96m.

Sunken Garden

Situated behind Stealth, the Sunken Garden provides the perfect place to escape the bustling excitement of the theme park. Featuring beautiful flowers, shrubs and trees, a walkway surrounds a picturesque pond and waterfall.