The dark corner of Thorpe Park. SAW Island is home to the thrills of Samurai and the world famous horror coaster SAW – The Ride.

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Originally located at Chessington, Samurai moved to Thorpe Park in 2004. Riders are thrown in all possible ways by means of pods that are rotated on three different axis. The Mondial Topscan is debatably the finest flat ride ever created, but Samurai is a tame example compared to what you would find in a travelling fair.

Opened: 2004 | Manufacturer: Mondial | Height Restriction: 1.4m | Ride Photos? No

SAW – The Ride

Marketed as the world’s first horror movie themed roller coaster, SAW: The Ride places you in the movies to experience some of Jigsaw’s most twisted traps. Starting inside with a dark ride themed section that includes sudden drops, near misses and an inversion, the layout leads outside to its eye-catching 100ft vertical lift hill. Plummeting riders down a 100° more-than-vertical drop and into an Immelmann loop, the ride continues with tight twists, ejector airtime and fierce braking. This immersive horror filled experience will keep your nerves rattling until the very end. For the best experience, queue for gates 3 & 4 in the station, as the second train takes advantage of the full Billy the Puppet animatronic scene, whilst the first train continues on past it.

Opened: 2009 | Manufacturer: Gerstlauer | Height Restriction: 1.4m* | Ride Photos? Yes
*Also recommended for guests aged 13+.