2024 is shaping up to be an exciting and truly transformational year for UK theme parks, but amidst all the hype around additions to the line-ups of our attractions, it has been easy to forget about all the amazing additions coming to parks across the continent!

Today, we’re diving into the most exciting additions coming to theme parks in Mainland Europe, from Voltron Nevera to Mahuka, 2024 looks just as exciting on the continent as it does in the UK. So buckle your seatbelts up and listen to the following safety instructions from your flight attendants, because we’re about to take off!

Voltron Nevera at Europa-Park

What is a list of additions to theme parks in 2024 without starting with the incredible looking Mack Stryker coaster coming to Europa-Park! Located in the new Croatia themed area of the park, and themed to the experiments of Croatia born Nikola Tesla, Voltron Nevera features four launches, seven inversions and throughputs that will make your eyes water. Elements you can expect on Voltron Nevera include an over-vertical LSM launched lift hill (yes, you read that right), an inside top hat, zero-g stall, corkscrews aplenty, an outside top hat, and multi pass launch with a scorpion tail, to name just a few! The opening date for Voltron Nevera isn’t yet known, but testing has been shown by the park in marketing material, so its opening in the first half of the season seems the most likely!

In addition to Voltron Nevera, Europa-Park will also be opening the rebuilt Alpenexpress Enzien mine train and Tirol Log Flume which suffered severe damage in a fire during the 2023 season. With new tracks, troughs and theming, the rebuilt outdoor area looks incredibly special, even if we will miss the magical world of diamonds!

Mahuka at Walibi Rhône-Alpes

Europe will be getting its first Intamin Hot Racer in 2024, and it’s coming to Walibi Rhône-Alpes in France! Previously the model has only been built in Australia at Sydney’s Luna Park, but will be joining Walibi Rhône-Alpes in its new for 2022 themed area Exotic Island! This tropical Hawaii themed single rail coaster features three inversions, two tyre-propelled launches and lots of exciting airtime moments. From the concept images, the ride will be deeply themed and utilise its inside and outside top hat as a stunning entrance feature to the main plaza. Construction has not long been finished of the ride itself, and has now begun on the station building and theming, so it seems realistic that this ride will be opening some time in the summer!

Mundo Amazonia at Bellewaerde Park

Less a single attraction, and more a huge new themed area, Mundo Amazonia at Bellewaerde Park in Belgium is a fantastic looking new Amazon themed area coming to the park! Featuring a children’s roller coaster, children’s water ride, and colossal new Intamin rapids attraction, this new area looks like it could be one of the most exciting new additions this year! Amazonia is the park’s new for 2024 Intamin rapids ride, costing €14.5million, Amazonia features an 18m lift hill, 19m vertical lift structure, and two incredibly exciting worlds first elements, an enormous splash halfpipe and a bungee drop track (yes, we know!). The area is currently undergoing finishing touches and the planting of over 140 mature trees, and has been announced to open on March 30th!

Danse Macabre at Efteling

Danse Macabre is the much anticipated replacement to Spookslot, a Dynamic Motion Stage attraction built as a collaboration between Intamin and Efteling. Retaining much of the original charm of Spookslot, Danse Macabre will feature a platform holding 6 gondolas, which can rotate, tilt, and lift up and down. Expected to be a cross between a thrill ride and a simulator, Danse Macabre continues the legacy of Spookslot bringing a dark and twisted tale packed full of Efteling charm, telling the story of Otto and Virginia Charlatan, whose organ must continue to play to appease the dead… No announcement on an opening date has been released yet, but it’s heavily rumoured to be in the spooky season of 2024!

Fjord Explorer – Le Pal

There’s a very unique looking Mack Rides Water Coaster coming to Le Pal in France! With a layout unlike any similar rides of its type out there, Fjord Explorer looks set to be a fantastic addition to the park’s line-up. Featuring a Scandinavian village and set within the beautiful wooded landscape, you can ride Fjord Explorer from April 13th, as the ride will be opening with the park for the 2024 season.

Vindfald at Tivoli Friheden

Opening at Tivoli Friheden in Århus Denmark, Vindfald is a custom Gerstlauer Eurofighter that will feature a simple out and back layout, two inversions, and of course the iconic Eurofighter over-vertical drop! This small park had a string of bad luck over recent years, but with the arrival of Vindfald, it certainly puts Tivoli Friheden back on the map for theme park enthusiasts! This family-thrill Eurofighter looks packed with fun and interesting elements, a unique turnaround, and should be a great addition to the park!

Dämonen Gruft at Heide Park

Branded at Germany’s scariest attraction, Dämonen Gruft at Heide Park is the new for 2024 Preston and Barberi dark ride coming to the resort! Diving into ancient catacombs discovered during excavations at the park, this new dark ride will take the place of the station for the now disused Wildwasserbahn 2 log flume! Promising lots of spooks and a unique storyline to boot, Dämonen Gruft will be opening at Heide Park on 29th March! Dare you take the Catacomb tour?

La Tour de Numérobis at Parc Astérix

Opening in 2024 at Parc Astérix is La Tour de Numérobis, a new 40 metre tall Starflyer attraction which is currently under construction. Situated in the Egyptian area behind Oziris, this new tower ride will provide unparalleled views across the Parc Astérix theme park. In addition to this new attraction, the park has also announced a brand new musical directed by Ludovic-Alexandre Vidal and Julien Salvia will be opening at the Théâtre de Panoramix!

Gozimba at Serengeti-Park

Here’s a ride you might not have heard about, coming to Serengeti-Park in Germany! Gozimba is a Ride Engineers Switzerland Air Loop attraction, the first of its kind to open anywhere. Gozimba is the fusion of a Gerstlauer Skyfly and an inverted powered roller coaster, enabling you to flip your seat using hand controlled wings! Little is known about the expected opening date of the attraction, but it’s certainly set to be unique!

Unknown new attraction at Gardaland

Located on the former plot of Sequoia Adventure, a new heart racing attraction is expected to open at Gardaland in June! Very little is known about the new addition, but a mysterious purple and grey stone has been placed on the future site. Whilst the nature of the attraction remains unknown, it has been described as an attraction for thrill seekers and adventure lovers, and set to feature special effects and spectacular sets! Perhaps there are some clues to the nature of the experience on the mystical stone?

Ziegel-Blitz at Jaderpark

Another new addition you may not know about at a park you have probably never visited before, but coming to Jaderpark in Germany, Ziegel Blitz is a truly great looking Gerstlauer Bobsled coaster with a custom design, expected to open this year. With a layout that looks like a cross between Cobra at Paultons Park and Les Speed Rockets at Jardin D’acclimation, Ziegel-Blitz looks set to be a fantastic addition to the park! No opening date has been announced yet, but the ride looks to be complete and the park opens on March 16th this year, so it shouldn’t be too long before you can take a ride!

Which of these exciting additions are you planning to experience this year? Let us know via our social media channels!

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