Chessington World of Adventures Resort submitted a planning application in July 2017 which revealed that a significant refresh of Mystic East was planned, which would incorporate a relocated Tiger exhibit. The plans would see the theme park’s log flume rethemed from Dragon Falls to Tiger Rock, with the addition of a theming element reflecting the ride’s new name at the base of the final drop.

Original Application

The initial application reflected the substance of the refreshed area, with the focal point of the re-development being the construction of three new tiger enclosures, one located to the southern end of the site, one located to the east of the area, and one located towards the area’s centre. The three enclosures were to be interconnected by a series of overhead ‘Tiger Tunnels’. A new themed bridge would also be installed between two of the enclosures to run parallel with the existing visitor bridge to allow guests to observe the tigers through a glass partition. Read our full article here.

Revised Plans

The plans were revised in March 2018. Although the key elements of the redeveloped area remained unchanged, modifications included alterations to the appearance of the tiger rock head theming and the removal of the ‘Tiger Tunnel’ above the final drop of the ride. Changes to the concept images accompanying the plans, also indicated a slightly altered tone to the theming.