Chessington World of Adventures Resort have submitted plans for a refresh of the Mystic East area of the Theme Park, which will see a number of features removed as well as the re-location of the Resort’s Sumatran Tigers to a brand new, purpose built enclosure.

The focal point of the proposed re-development will be the construction of three new tiger enclosures, one located to the southern end of the site, one located to the east of the area, and one located towards the centre of the area which will be surrounded by the existing Dragon Falls ride. These new enclosures will be home to the Resort’s two current resident Sumatran Tigers, as well as four new Amur Tigers. The three enclosures will be interconnected by a series of overhead ‘Tiger Tunnels’ which will allow the tigers to move freely between enclosures, at points passing over visitors’ heads. A new themed bridge will also be installed between two of the enclosures which will run parallel with the existing visitor bridge with guests able to observe the tigers through a glass partition. Each of the enclosures will provide a number of vantage points for the tigers, a greater variety of environments, and multiple opportunities for longer distance travel.

Visitors will be able to view the tigers from a series of outdoor spaces which will run between the enclosures as well as a sheltered viewing area by the eastern enclosure, and a demonstration area next to the southern enclosure, both of which will allow for presentations from the keepers. Access to the area will be via a new themed entrance portal, which will incorporate one of the ‘tiger tunnels’, located to the east of the area (by where the current small food and beverage unit is currently), and exited by a similar themed portal to the west which will lead to the Mystic East area.

As part of the proposed development, Dragon Falls will receive a re-theme in-keeping with the area’s new residents. The ride’s final drop will be re-themed and landscaped to resemble a rocky outcrop in the shape of a tiger’s head meaning that guests will pass through the mouth of the tiger as part of the ride. New planting will also be added around the existing lake and ride area which will be in-keeping with the Asian theme of the area. Whilst not confirmed, some of the planning documents suggest the ride may also receive a rename to ‘Tiger Falls’.

To make way for these new developments Peeking Heights, the ferris wheel attraction currently located in the area will be removed and placed into storage. The Adventure Zone pay per go attraction, and the Coca-Cola Pagoda food and beverage unit will also be demolished.

These latest proposals form part of the Resort’s Long Term Plan for the redevelopment of the animal enclosures at the Resort to provide an enhanced living environment for the animals in the Resort’s care. It will also help the Resort further develop their conservation and breeding programme with the aim of helping to preserve critically endangered species.

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