Anticipation of an Intamin Hydraulic Rocket Coaster being added to Thorpe Park started building after being referenced in the 2004-2009 medium term development plan. The first full application was submitted in late 2004, followed by a second, revised application in mid 2005, which set out in detail the proposed ‘icon coaster’.

Original Application

The original application for Stealth was submitted in November 2004 – our full news article can still be read here. Whilst sharing the same theme and design as the final product, most notably the grandstand that was planned to form part of the queue was unfortunately cut, apparently to enable a third train to be purchased. As a result, the layout of the station was slightly modified also.

Revised + Realised Plans

A revised application, aligned with the version of Stealth ultimately realised, was submitted in June 2005. While the layout and positioning of the rollercoaster itself remained unchanged, modifications were made to the queue-line and associated buildings.