The planning application has finally gone in for Project Stealth at Thorpe Park, and we can now confirm that the details posted here in October were correct.

The yet unnamed ride will indeed be an Intamin Rocket Coaster, a medium sized one at that. You will launch out of the station hitting a top speed of around 80mph (fastest in Europe), travel along a straight before climbing a 62.5m outside ‘tophat’, twisting 90 degrees upwards. Ejector airtime is experienced before plummeting vertically down again, twisting 90 degrees once more, into an airtime hill, followed by a smooth stop by magnetic brakes.

The new plans reveal the Amity theme – we hope it looks as good in real life as it does on paper. The concept of the ride does not tie in with the Tidal Wave, more like the rustic style of a 60’s American race track.

A notable feature is the queuing grandstand. Also one of the major assets of Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point, the proposed feature has been improved upon as there will always be people standing on it, creating a permanent audience.

The removal of Model World and Flying Fish creates an adequate space along the side of the park. Thankfully Sunken Garden is staying, which remains a quiet and tranquil place to escape the thrills of the theme park.

Project Stealth looks like it will fit in Thorpe Park’s ride line-up nicely. The eight plans and concept drawings are taken from Runnymede Borough Council website.
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