Plans first submitted in July 2019 revealed that LEGOLAND Windsor were planning to redevelop Adventure Land, including the addition of an indoor attraction and drop tower rides. Although originally due to be based on THE LEGO® MOVIE™, revised plans submitted in July 2020 indicated that the area would adopt a different theme. In October 2020, it was announced that the new land would be called MYTHICA, a parallel universe where mythical creatures come to life before your eyes.

Original Application

The development was first revealed in plans submitted by LEGOLAND Windsor in July 2019. These showed that the redevelopment of Adventure Land would include the addition of an indoor attraction, expected to be a flying theatre, and side-by-side drop tower rides. Given that the theming of these attractions was shown to be similar to equivalent attractions in LEGOLAND Florida’s THE LEGO® MOVIE™ World, it appeared Windsor would also be getting an area based on the film franchise. Play equipment would also be constructed next to Harbourside Fish and Chips, and a ‘photo opportunity building’ built in the western part of the development area adjacent to a new ‘games unit kiosk’.

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Revised Plans

LEGOLAND Windsor submitted revised plans for the development in July 2020, confirming that, while the new area was originally planned to be based on THE LEGO® MOVIE™ franchise, plans had now changed and they wish to amend the application to reflect a new, as yet undisclosed, theme. While the substance of the new are remained unchanged, there had been alterations to the appearance and theming of the area’s attractions and buildings, and the ‘photo opportunity building’ and ‘games unit’ that featured in the original plans would now be a ‘build room’ and ‘character meet and greet’ respectively.

Our full news article can still be read here.