Legoland Windsor Resort have submitted new plans to the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead Council for the redevelopment of Adventure Land, indicating that they will be changing the planned THE LEGO® MOVIE™ World to a new theme.

Codenamed Project Rex, the original plans, submitted in July 2019 and approved earlier this year, proposed to redevelop Adventure Land into THE LEGO® MOVIE™ World. However, in plans submitted in the last few days, the Resort have stated that plans have now changed and they wish to amend the application to reflect a new, as yet undisclosed, theme.

The core types of attractions, as well as the proposed retail, food and beverage, and meet and greet opportunities will still remain in place, however these will now be redesigned in line with the new theme. The main attraction within the proposals will no longer take on the appearance of a dog with its tongue out. Instead, the building will have a more natural, green colour palette and feature arches on its front, some of which will contain a graphic of what appears to be assorted LEGO® bricks, as well as a 9 metre tall white LEGO® sculpture outside its front. The theming features at the top of the drop towers will now be “flame type elements” which will surround television screens “showing appropriate video for the ride”. New play equipment planned to be built next to Harbourside Fish and Chips will also reflect the new theme and colour palette, whilst the paths around the land will feature a “natural colour palette with blue crystal looking veins and a red brown surface around the drop towers”. The ‘photo opportunity building’ and ‘games unit’ that featured in the original plans have also been retained and rethemed, however the former is now referred to as a ‘build room’ and the latter now indicated to be a ‘character meet and greet’.

Little clue has been given in the new plans as to what the new theme for the area will now be. With the only comment being that “The theming will be relevant to the Park when it opens in March 2021.” This suggests that despite the change in plans, the Resort are still planning to open the new area for the start of the 2021 season.

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