Thorpe Park Resort as we know it today could have been very different if the following plans came to fruition.

Pirates 4D & Shoot the Chutes Ride – 1999 & 2000

These plans show an alternative version of Pirates 4D, featuring an entrance at the front of the building rather than the side, leading to the removal of the cafe. Tidal Wave was originally envisioned to share the pirate theme and create a new area. The Shoot the Chutes ride station is located in the middle of a ship wreck, and large masts and sails would surround the lift hill.

Elevator Ride / Shot & Drop Tower – 2001

Detonator could have been manufactured by S&S had these plans not been withdrawn. This ride would have been situated on the site of the former Model World instead of where Phantom Phantasia / Wicked Witches Haunt once stood.