Chessington World of Adventures as we know it today could have been very different if the following plans came to fruition.

Flying Island – 2003

In preparation for the departure of Samurai, plans were drawn up for a Flying Island attraction to replace it. Similar to Pagode at Efteling, the ride consists of a 155 ton cabin and a 225 ton hydraulic arm which pivots from the ground up to a height of almost 200 feet, providing guests with outstanding views. The plans were withdrawn and the park instead chose to install the short-lived and far less impressive Eclipse Ferris wheel from Thorpe Park, naming it Peking Heights.

Resort Hotel – 2003

The Safari and Azteca Hotels could have looked very different if this plan was proceeded with. Based on Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge, this proposed hotel design takes up the entire footprint of the current two, and features a couple of central courtyards which may have contained water features or small animal exhibits.

Land of the Dragons – 2003

Dragon’s Fury was originally going to have a flat turn after the first lift hill, leading in to a straight drop, along with a more intricate looking station that featured mythical roof spires as seen in the play area. Note the additional children’s rides located behind Griffon’s Galleon which never became reality.

Monkey & Bird Garden – 2012

A refresh of the Monkey & Bird Garden was considered, which would have seen a greater level of theming added to this part of zoo. However, these plans were ultimately superseded by AMAZU, which opened in 2014 alongside the Azteca Hotel and a new entrance to the theme park for hotel guests.