Opening with the Canada Creek area in 1989, Logger’s Leap was a log flume designed by Mack Rides, and was one of the flagship attractions that put Thorpe Park on the map.

The ride was themed after a traditional Canadian saw mill and lumber flume, and would feature an old western soundtrack with announcements that prepared guests for the ‘wildest ride in the wilderness’. With a layout not too dissimilar to Chessington’s version, Logger’s Leap consisted of a winding flume around a portion of Abbey Lake that featured an enclosed drop in the dark, some nice interaction with Canada Creek Railway, and a large double drop and splash down finale.

Logger’s Leap was the tallest log flume in the UK upon opening, although this was surpassed by Nightmare Niagra at American Adventure near Derby. Following the closure of the theme park and demolition of Nightmare Niagra, Logger’s Leap regained its record.

The years were not kind to Logger’s Leap, and taking in to account the park’s inability to keep the ride maintained, it started to look worse for wear in the final few years. The roof over the first drop was removed in 2013 due to poor structural maintenance, and many of the boats started to lea