Following the long-awaited approval for Thorpe Park Resort‘s proposals to build the UK’s tallest rollercoaster, Project Exodus, at the start of this month, the Resort have now started to submit the information to address a number of the conditions attached to the approval that need to be satisfied before development can commence.

Prior to commencement of construction, one condition (Condition 5) has required the Resort to submit a schedule setting out the full works to be undertaken and their timings, including when the Abbey Lake inlet will be temporarily infilled and then excavated again. A detailed programme has therefore been submitted, showing that the overall development is expected to span 15 months. The first step will of course involve the demolition of the existing structures on the site, which includes Logger’s Leap, Rocky Express and the former Canada Creek Railway station, and infill of the Abbey Lake inlet. This is shown as being undertaken in the first 5-6 months.

The next step will then be to install the rollercoaster’s foundations, which will take around 3 months, being completed at the end of month 9. Towards the end of this phase is when the Resort expect to start taking delivery of the rollercoaster’s track, which will then start to be installed over a period of 80 days followed by a further 78 days for mechanical and electrical installation. The construction of the station building will begin in parallel with the construction of the ride itself, with the maintenance building then progressing around a month later. Landscaping and external works will be started on completion of the station building, when it is noted there will be ‘creative installations’ – presumably this refers to the theming elements which are planned for the attraction. It will be at this point that the F&B unit proposed for the ride’s queue-line and photo collection building along the exit route of the ride will also be installed. One of the last stages will be for the ride to undergo a 27.5 days period of commissioning to then enable the ride to open.

Documentation has also been submitted for a number of other conditions. One of these (Condition 7) relates to surface water drainage both during construction and for the completed development. Another condition (Condition 6) required the submission of a Site Waste Management Plan setting out the targets and management of different types of waste produced during the design and construction phases. A further condition (Condition 8) required the Resort to complete ground investigation works to establish whether there is any contaminated land in the development area, along with having plans in place should anything be discovered during the course of construction. The Resort believes the information it has provided will fully discharge all of these conditions.

Although it was the intention for the Resort to open Project Exodus in 2024, the protracted process to obtain planning approval has seemingly made this challenging, with no prospective opening date referred to in these latest documents. Nonetheless, this is another positive step forward for the development and it suggests that the Resort and its planners are continuing to work at speed to progress the project.

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