Energylandia is an amusement park located in Zator in southern Poland. Opening relatively recently in July 2014, the park has experienced rapid expansion and now boasts an array of coasters, flat rides, live shows and a couple of water parks. It therefore provides plenty for all the family to do and to satisfy the thrill seeker in you! Attraction Source team member Craig (or Mr Toy) recently visited the park, and is here to share a round-up of his trip along with some of his top tips and recommendations!

Getting there

I flew from Birmingham with Ryanair into Krakow airport, costing about £90 with priority boarding. It’s about a 40 minute Uber drive to Zator which costed roughly £35.

Mr Toy’s top tip: although there are plenty of Ubers about in Krakow, you are better off finding a local taxi firm from your accommodation for your return journey as Ubers are very scarce in the Zator area. It’s still roughly the same price, if not just slightly higher due to being a private taxi.


On this trip I stopped in Western Camp Resort, which is a 15 minute walk to Energylandia. From the outset you are transported into a classic western village which truly looks amazing! The property boasts three types of accommodation: Sheriff’s Cabins, Cowboy Wagons and Indian Tipis. Breakfast is included with all.

Mr Toy’s top tip: one advantage of staying at Western Camp Resort is that you can buy your park entry tickets from the reception, who offer a 5% discount. Included in your park tickets are four Fast Passes for one ride on each of Zadra, Hyperion, Abyssus and Mayan.

I stopped over in a 4-bed Sheriff’s Cabin, consisting of one double bed and a set of bunk beds, but there are also larger size cabins to accommodate up to six people with two additional single beds. They are all fully air conditioned with a fridge and a private bathroom. The Cowboy Wagons and Tipi’s are also fully air conditioned, but do not have a fridge or private bathroom – instead there are toilets and a shower block nearby.

Mr Toy’s top tip: request a room on the top floor (there are only two floors, however there are some one storey buildings) as it’s very noisy if you are on the bottom floor with other guests walking around above you.

On site, there is an open air movie screen, plenty of play areas for the young ones and an outdoor heated swimming pool. If you want to get some shopping, a Netto supermarket is a few minutes walk away which stocks almost everything you could need (even cider ;) ). For other food options, there is also an ever reliable McDonald’s and a petrol garage where you can buy warm toasties and sandwiches.

Mr Toy’s top tip: hire a fire pit and have a BBQ, with food available to purchase on site.

Energylandia’s rides

The park has a large number of coasters, flat rides, water rides, two water parks and quite a few shows. It should be noted that it’s not the easiest park to navigate, with quite a few dead ends, as well as the entrance and exit to most attractions usually being quite a distance away from each other – very confusing!

Mr Toy’s top tip: download the app available on Android and iOS which will give you all the information you need while you’re there.

The first coaster you see even before entering the park is Hyperion, which towers above the car park! What a mega coaster this is – my second favourite in the park. I have found that this coaster opens early most days, presumably to move the crowds away from the entrance. Something to note though is that this is the only ride that you cannot take any belongings on, with metal detectors at the gate. Nonetheless, lockers to store your belongings are cheap and will last the whole day.

My favourite roller coaster in the whole park is Zadra. This is a hybrid coaster manufactured by Rocky Mountain Construction and packs one hell of a punch, with a top speed of 75mph, 3 inversions and a height of 206ft! The awesome layout is relentless and leaves you breathless right up to the brake run.

There are of course numerous other coasters and rides, so I couldn’t list them all! However, a few notable mentions are:

  • Speed – an Intamin water coaster with a fun layout and a real soaker!
  • Formuła – a new generation launched Vekoma rollercoaster.
  • Abyssus, their newest coaster – a double launch coaster manufactured by Vekoma.
  • Viking Roller Coaster – a spinning wild mouse coaster, but ride it at your peril as this is a ride that is really painful!

Mr Toy’s top tip: start at the back of the park and work your way to the front, as the crowds gradually build up at the front and work their way to the back.

Energylandia’s water parks

There are four water park zones, with two new for 2022 – Bamboo Bay & Exotic Island. Bamboo Bay consists of 16 new water slides and Exotic Island has a tropical pool and slides geared towards younger children. The other two zones are the Big Milk water park, which has plenty of areas to sunbathe including cabanas, and Tropical Fun, which has lots more slides with inflatable rings and a lazy river.

Mr Toy’s top tip: at the water park is make your way to the inflatable ring slides first as they get really busy as the day goes on.

Energylandia’s shows

There is a wide choice of shows at Energylandia, and so I only managed to see a few on my visit. Firstly, I saw the Fire Show – a dangerous and exhilarating show performed by experienced fire artists. Next up was the Aqua Show – an incredible show consisting of airborne acrobatic stunt men and women diving off platforms into the water below with Abyssus as the backdrop. However, my favourite show is Extreme Energylandia featuring stunt men and women in cars, lorries and bikes performing exceptional stunts in their vehicles – one not to be missed!

Mr Toys top tip: there are plenty of shows, but arrive slightly earlier on busier days to get a better seat.

Food and Beverages

You will not go hungry here! There is an outstanding amount of eateries with a wide variety of choice, from sit down restaurants to grabbing a light bite on-the-go, all at a very reasonable price. I enjoyed the Scandinavia Restaurant, where there is the option to have a three course meal, as well as Moya Formula Pizza, which has delicious pizzas, and the Viking Kebab, which offers kebabs and hot dogs. There are too many more to mention, but there is also a restaurant called Chick which serves up amazing KFC style chicken in a bucket. Thanks to Matt (Town Pix) for contributing a few of the below photos from his recent trip!

Mr Toy’s top tip: sadly they don’t sell cider on the park, but the beer is £2 a pint and you can add raspberry or ginger syrup, which in my opinion is very nice indeed!

In summary

Energylandia is my favourite park in Europe with it having something for the whole family, including probably one of the best rollercoasters in the world, amazing water parks, and fabulous entertainment. It is also spotlessly clean, very reasonably priced and easy to get to. There are also plenty more coasters and zones on the horizon, including Sweet Valley and on-site hotels that are coming soon.

Mr Toy’s top tip: buy a season pass if you are going for more than 4 days, this gives you four Fast Passes a day and of course the chance to return. I’ve already bought mine at a price equivalent to £125 – will you be buying one soon?

Hope you’ve enjoyed my first ever trip report – I’ll catch you at a park real soon 😁

Craig Toy #mrtoy 💖

If you’ve got any questions about Energylandia, Craig is happy to do his best to answer them for you – you can reach out to him on Twitter.
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