Roll up! Roll up! Thorpe Park Resort‘s new for 2022 Carnival event got underway last Friday and Attraction Source were invited by the Resort to sample all that the event has to offer.

The main festivities are split across two areas, with there said to be ‘two sides to the Carnival’. The more traditional Carnival side can be found over by Lost City, whilst the more mysterious Junkyard side is located alongside Derren Brown’s Ghost Train. With there being more space in the area, the former arguably serves as the primary location for the event. A stage has been set up here which serves as a focal point for this side of the Carnival, providing 360° views of the performing acts.


The Ring Leader’s Show kicks off proceedings at 12pm (and then repeats at 3pm and 5pm), bringing together the whole circus troupe with all singing, all dancing fun for the whole family!

The second show here features the comedic Mime Troupe, who perform their mischief at 1pm, 4pm and 6pm. Given that these Carnival members have taken the vow of silence to protect the secrets, it’s all about the hypnotic dancing here. The Mime Troupe can also be found roaming the area, interacting with guests and entertaining them with their cheeky and mischievous physical comedy.

The third show is presented by a singing trio as sweet as sugar, The Flossers. This group performs a set list of candy-themed pop classics for all to enjoy at 2pm, 4:30pm and 5:45pm.

Over at the Carnival side, there are also Mini Tents set up with more characters to meet and interact with. Guests can discover their future in the Fortune Teller’s Tent with Madame Aura or learn a trick or two in the Magician’s Tent!

This area is also home to the Sideshow Shop, which has a selection of sweets and event merchandise available to purchase. On offer are Carnival branded items that include a lanyard, pin badge and juggling baton T-shirt, as well as a T-shirt, magnet, pin badge and mug that features bespoke artwork designed by Rob Yeo, depicting Stealth as a human cannonball. The park’s other main retail outlets are also stocked with these products.

At the heart of the Junkyard side is Trailers: Breakout at Bozo’s – a maze with a twist! This popular FRIGHT NIGHTS attraction has been taken over by the clowns of Bozo’s circus, inviting guests to venture into the dark side of the Carnival. This incarnation of the maze provides a less scary and more humorous experience compared to its debut at last year’s Halloween event, with the age recommendation reduced to 8+ (rather than FRIGHT NIGHTS’ 13+ rating) to reflect its toned-down nature. Tickets are priced at £6pp (discounted to £4.80 for Passholders and THORPE SHARK Cabins guests), which allow guests to experience the maze at a time of their choosing from 1pm – 5pm.