Drayton Manor Resort have unveiled Vikings, their new themed land which opened to the public on Saturday 28th May. The Vikings area is host to a number of new experiences and attractions, showcasing yet more of the park’s ability to create themed areas that we first witnessed in 2021 with the refurbishment and creation of Adventure Cove. Attraction Source were invited by the Resort to experience all that the new area has to offer.

Vikings provides guests with an immersive voyage of discovery through Norse history and transports visitors back to a bygone era. Norse mythology is woven throughout the area, with the legendary gods providing inspiration for the rides and experiences available. The area includes a number of new attractions, the re-imagining of a much-loved family favourite, and a new dining experience.

Jormungandr is the re-imagining of the popular Zamperla family favourite Buffalo Coaster. Featuring a new train design, the ride weaves guests through the land of the Vikings, providing a stunning view of both the new area and across the lake towards the rest of the park. Operating since 1987 as the Buffalo Coaster, this is the first re-theming of the ride since it arrived at Drayton Manor Resort, and the re-imagining provides a new lease of life for this rollercoaster that has been a staple at the park since it opened.

Loki is the park’s hotly anticipated, first in the UK, Zamperla Nebulaz. Themed to the Norse god of Mischief, Loki provides a family thrill experience that is as fascinating to watch from the sidelines as it is to experience on the ride. The spinning arms rotate and intermesh providing a wonderful near-miss sensation along with a floaty weightless feeling as it crests over its circular orbit!

Thor is a Zamperla Disk-O-Coaster – a vibrant thrilling family attraction that spins guests on a large disk whilst the gondola travels back and forth along a humped track. Themed to Thor the God of Thunder, this ride doesn’t let up as it thunders along its track along the lakeside, providing great views both of Vikings and the iconic Shockwave opposite!

For younger guests, Sleipnir is a pleasant attraction that enables them to take a ride on the mystical eight legged horse ridden by Odin! The fun training school teaches adventurous kids how to handle the mythical beast, and once they have mastered the art of riding Sleipnir, they embark on a wonderful journey into the land of the legendary Vikings.

Once you’ve worked up an appetite across the new experiences on offer, you can check out the new food and refreshment offerings at Walhalla, Drayton Manor Resort’s latest eatery. You can feast like a Viking on traditional wooden benches, surrounding a wonderful sizzling BBQ pit, and enjoy a meal in the ‘historic heaven’ that Viking warriors were said to visit after battle

One aspect that really stands out about the new area is the attention to detail of the theming. Through conversations with staff, we learnt that the theming for the new area was completed largely by local companies. It’s great to see Drayton Manor Resort making and developing these local connections which are so important!

During opening day, there were also Vikings roaming the new area and interacting with guests, and we do understand that they are due to regularly appear in the land. The Resort’s mascot, Rory the Lion, was also out and about, dressed in his Viking garb.

Drayton Manor Resort have also revealed 10 new Viking themed rooms at the hotel. These rooms will ensure the Norse exploration doesn’t end when the park closes for the day. You can expect a peaceful night’s sleep, surrounded by the immersion in the wonderful world of the Vikings.

Vikings is a fantastic sign of what is to come for Drayton Manor Resort, and provides fun for all the family in a wonderfully themed new world. It goes without saying that Vikings is a brilliant and immersive new area for the theme park, which will certainly be a hit amongst guests who visit!

Will you be taking a trip down to Drayton Manor Resort to experience the new world of Vikings? Be sure to let us know on our social media channels!

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