Thorpe Park Resort have today unveiled the majority of the line-up for FRIGHT NIGHTS 2021, as they prepare to celebrate 20 years of fear. With new scare zones and shows, and a new scare maze yet to be announced, Attraction Source examines all the details for 2021’s event.

This year’s event sees scare zones established as a core part of the FRIGHT NIGHTS line-up, with two new offerings for 2021. The Crows of Mawkin Meadow will invite guests to take a walk through the cursed village of Mawkin Meadow and its darkened fields of corn to unearth the origins of the infamous Crows. LycanThorpe vs Amity High: LoveBITES! combines two separate scare zones from the last few years, with the blood-thirsty teens of Amity High due to party at the old Speedway but the students of LycanThorpe are set to gate-crash the celebrations and reignite the vicious feud between the rival schools. Returning for a second year are the scare zones The Swarm: Invasion and Creek Freaks: Unchained, which were both well-received last year. Furthermore, the fact The Crows are receiving their own scare zone won’t mean they’re confined just to this section of the theme park, as they’re once again set to appear in mystery locations as the night draws in.

Also new for 2021 are two scare shows. Birthday BASH! sees guests invited to Hattie and Hugo’s birthday bash, but these are no ordinary twins, so don’t be fooled by the bright balloons and shimmering streamers, as mummy’s spoilt little angels have a dangerously devilish side. The Resort are also celebrating the 20th year of the event with Legacy – A Fire and Light Display that’s set to feature ferocious-fire effects alongside terrifying throwback tracks, taking guests on a nostalgic journey to past FRIGHT NIGHTS faves at the end of the night. With it stated that Depth Charge will close early to prepare for the display, it appears this attraction will be host to the show.