The full planning application for Chessington World of Adventures Resort‘s new Amazon Land development has today been published, offering a more detailed insight into the proposals, which include a rollercoaster, and generating speculation that the area could be themed around Jumanji.

Planned to be located on the field opposite Dragon’s Fury, in the southern area of the Resort, the new land would comprise a rollercoaster as its main attraction, along with two children’s rides. The rollercoaster is stated to be of 380m in length, running around the perimeter of the area. A ride station is proposed on the north east part of the site, and will be constructed from a mix of materials, including metal sheeting and synthetic thatch. The proposed track layout suggests there would be an initial backwards launch out of the station, with the train then being propelled through the main course as it returns down through the station, reaching a speed of 20 m/s (around 45mph). After travelling up into a large spike element that loops around a rock ‘animal feature’, to reach a point approximately 20m above ground level, the train will then return backwards through the layout under gravity. There is one inversion shown along the route – a shallow zero-g roll, positioned over the area’s entrance/exit portal – which would be experienced both forwards and backwards. The proposed ride, which is confirmed to have a 1.4m minimum height restriction, will take 24 guests, seated in 6 cars, and will have an approximate 1 minute ride period and a 1 minute turn around period. This would imply throughput of around 720 riders per hour.

The plans included seem to confirm that it will be a Wing Coaster manufactured by Bolliger & Mabillard, based on the style of track shown and the fact that the station is annotated to show guests loading and unloading from both sides. Furthermore, the noise assessment notes that a similar ride, located in Italy, was used as a reference, although this existing ride differed in that it utilises a chain lift hill and has seven rows. Raptor, a B&M Wing Coaster in Gardaland (a theme park also owned by Merlin Entertainments), would therefore fit this description.

The development would also see a ride maintenance and plant building constructed south-east of the rollercoaster’s station, providing a workshop space, as well as housing the launch and ride control systems. A photo retail unit is planned to be situated opposite the rollercoaster’s exit, and a separate small retail unit will sit next to the station building. With one of the rollercoaster’s turns partially overlapping with the existing Explorer Entrance, it appears as though this may be required to be reconfigured as part of the development.