Chessington World of Adventures Resort have today commenced a two week public consultation on a proposed new themed ‘Amazon Land’ encompassing a rollercoaster and two children’s rides, providing a first look at the prospective attractions.

Planned to be located on the field opposite Dragon’s Fury, in the southern area of the Resort, the attractions would form an entirely new themed area, currently referred to as ‘Amazon Land’. The rollercoaster would of course be the centrepiece, with it stated that “guests will be propelled on a car through banks and turns before coming to a dead end on the track adjacent to a themed structure on the southern part of the site; the car will then be propelled along the same route back to the station located on the north east part of the site”.

Concept images released, suggest it could be a Wing Coaster manufactured by Bolliger & Mabillard, based on the style of track shown and the inclusion of air gates on both sides of the open-air station. Despite being the same ride type as The Swarm at Thorpe Park Resort, the proposed layout would be more suited to Chessington’s family audience, and the description and layout plan suggests it would feature an initial backwards launch out of the station, before being further propelled through the main course, which runs around the outside of the land, up into a large spike element that loops around a rock ‘animal feature’, with the appearance of a lion. It would then return through the layout backwards under gravity. It appears as though the route will include one inversion, a shallow zero-g roll, positioned over the area’s entrance/exit which would be experienced both forwards and backwards.

The exact children’s rides that would feature in the area are to be confirmed, but two will be chosen from the four low-level rides currently under consideration. The concepts suggest the Resort will choose between a Jump n Smile, Technical Park Bateaux Volants, Zierer Jet Skis, and a Technical Park Super Miami.