Full details have been revealed by Thorpe Park Resort for Fright Nights 2019 which will see the island become ‘The Home of Fear’. With a brand-new scare maze debuting, alongside the return of some past attractions, Attraction Source examines all the details for 2019’s event.

New for 2019 is Creek Freak Massacre. Set to be located in the former Loggers Leap queue line and station, Creek Freak Massacre is promising to be Thorpe Park Resort’s “most extreme Fright Nights attraction to date” and will see guests venturing through the old abandoned Creek Woods Saw Mill, which has been the site of accidents, murders and disappearances during its chequered past. Guests will hear the all too familiar sound of a revving chainsaw as they try to tread carefully past a deranged family of lumber jacks and try not to become their latest victims.

Following the introduction of scare zone, Terror at Amity High last year, 2019 will see the return of the high school vampires in “Terror at Amity High – High School Sucks”. Guests will be able to witness shocking shows every 20 minutes from 3PM at Stealth Plaza. However, despite largely positive reviews during 2018’s event, Big Top Showtime will not be making a return for Fright Nights 2019.