Thorpe Park Resort have announced that Logger’s Leap, the Resort’s log flume and one of the oldest rides in the theme park, has been officially retired and will not re-open.

The announcement, made via the Resort’s social media channels, confirms what has been widely rumoured for some time among the enthusiast community with the ride having been standing but not operating (SBNO) for the past three seasons. Many will be dismayed at the decision to permanently close the attraction, especially as when the ride was initially closed at the end of 2015, the Resort stated that it was simply for a refurbishment and that it would be re-opening.

First opening in 1989, Logger’s Leap formed part of what was the Canada Creek area of the theme park alongside the Canada Creek Railway and Rocky Express. Themed around logging in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, the ride would take guests on a meandering course along the edge of the lake, interacting with Canada Creek Railway and, in later years, Saw – The Ride. The ride also featured two separate lift hills and drops – the second of which was the tallest drop on a log flume in the UK. In 1993, Princess Diana rode the attraction with the young Princes William and Harry. Following her death a dedication plaque was added outside the ride, and in August 2017 a larger tribute including one of the ride’s boats filled with flowers was placed outside the closed attraction. Over the years the ride received a number of changes, including the addition of some grizzly bears for guests to spot as they travelled around the ride, and in 2013 the removal of the roof on the tunnel covering the first lift hill.

Whilst Thorpe Park Resort are yet to announce if anything will replace Logger’s Leap, its official retirement will fuel speculation that the Old Town area of the Resort is set for a large scale refurbishment. The area immediately next to Loggers Leap now only contains Rocky Express as a permanent ride, with both Timber Tug Boat and Lumber Jump being portable rides and very much viewed as temporary, filler attractions. Although Saw – The Ride and Samurai are also included within the Old Town ride listing on the Resort Map, both are located slightly outside the main Old Town area, meaning the Resort could continue to operate both attractions whilst any re-development work takes place.

For those keen to have something to remember Logger’s Leap by for years to come, Thorpe Park Resort have confirmed that they will be selling various items of ride memorabilia via auction later on in the year.

Are you sad to see the fate of Loggers Leap finally confirmed? What are you hoping will replace the attraction? Share your thoughts over on the Attraction Source Forum.
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