Legoland Windsor Resort have submitted a major planning application seeking permission for eight projects, including four new rides, a holiday village (to be built in three phases), an extension to ‘The Beginning’ which includes an extension to the ‘Big Shop’, and a reconfiguration of the car parking. Attraction Source takes a look at all the details at the Resort’s Long Term Plan.

Rides and Attractions
One of the most intriguing developments the plan details is the addition of a ‘2019 attraction’. Located near to the LEGO City area of the theme park, the proposed addition for 2019 will comprise of three attraction zones. Zone 1 will comprise of a new indoor attraction, which is referred to in some of the planning documents as a potential roller coaster, and will cover an area of 1,200 sqm, with the building having a height of 13.2m at its highest point. Zones 2 & 3 will both feature what are described as ‘fairground style rides’ which will each include their own queueline areas and may be enclosed or covered. The ride in zone 3, which will be located next to Fire Academy, will be the larger of the two fairground rides with a height of 12.5m compared to the attraction in zone 2, which will be located towards the bottom end of the development area, which will have a maximum height of 6m. These three new attractions will form a new land within the theme park with the area being enclosed by an 8m high themed wall to help distinguish it from the other areas of the park. If approved, construction could begin as early as the end of this year (2017).

A further new attraction is also proposed for the site which currently has permission for the Haunted House ride. Whilst at this stage it is unclear whether this attraction will be the planned Haunted House attraction, the documents do confirm it will be an indoor attraction with the parameters for the new ride being in line with the current permissions for the site.

The Beginning
Having received only minor changes since the Resort first opened in 1996 the Resort plan to give the main entrance area known as ‘The Beginning’ a major refresh to modernise and refurbish the area.

As part of these plans a new, 10m high, LEGOLAND Windsor entrance portal is proposed in order to provide and ‘enhanced arrival experience’ and help guide guests towards the ticket sales and turnstiles area. This new portal will be positioned further forward than the current entrance and will be aligned to frame the entrance to the Resort from the main pedestrian walkway.

The current ticket sales and collection building will be extended to provide new ticket sales facilities, including the addition of two new covered queue line areas. Existing toilet facilities will also be extended. It is currently anticipated that construction for these changes will begin later in 2017.

Also set to receive an extension is the Resort’s largest retail outlet, The Big Shop, which will have up to 365sqm added to its floor space. Full details on this extension are expected to be submitted in a subsequent planning application with construction expected to commence in 2018.