Derren Brown’s Ghost Train: Rise of the Demon was officially unveiled by Thorpe Park Resort last night at a special launch party for invited guests. Attraction Source was amongst those invited along to experience the latest incarnation of the Island’s newest attraction.

Promising to be ‘deeper, darker, and more intense’, the state of the art attraction has received a number of changes from last season to enhance the experience and make it scarier than before. One of the first changes guests will notice is the removal of the baggage hold, with the exterior now simply stating ‘workshop’ giving little clue as to what lies within. This change also means staff now have a much more efficient batching system with guests batched into one of two pens, a system which helps ensure the queue moves quicker.

Inside, the first pre-show remains the same, following which guests are led up to embark on their journey from Thorpe Junction to ‘the end of the line’. The first VR section has received a couple of minor changes, however, it is the second VR section which has been completely changed, offering a much different experience to the debut incarnation of the ride. Much of the VR content has been re-shot using Nokia Ozo cameras, giving the content a much more realistic feel than previously, whilst the previous sound issues have now been resolved with the audio much clearer. There have also been a number of new, subtle additions to the audio which help enhance the overall experience. The ride now also features a brand new finale which is very well done, and offers a final twist to the attraction (although just what this twist is best kept secret until guests have experienced it for themselves). Overall, Derren Brown’s Ghost Train: Rise of the Demon is a marked improvement for the ride and, despite one or two glitches in the VR during our run, works far better as an overall experience.

Speaking about the attraction, Thorpe Park Resort  Divisional Director, Dominic Jones, said:

“This is a dark attraction that will satisfy the nation’s crave to be scared, which in turn boosts adrenaline and heightens your senses. Derren Brown’s Ghost Train: Rise of the Demon is a smorgasbord of all the fun elements from rides and experiences fused together – scare actors, illusion, ride movement, virtual reality and special effects. It’s not like your standard ride, each component has been bespoke built – this is a world’s first, an original creation.

We were excited by the challenge our guests gave us to dial up the fear following feedback in 2016 that they wanted more scares – and I truly believe we have answered their calls. Enter if you dare!”

Whilst Derren Brown said:

“Visitors to the Ghost Train will experience a heart stopping combination of next generation technology, grand illusion, live action and special-effects, completely unalike anything they will have seen before. We are making this bigger, better and scarier than last year. The changes and improvements that have taken place will scare the sh*t out of guests”