THORPE PARK Resort have submitted an application for an extension to the building which currently houses Derren Brown’s Ghost Train.

The application submitted to Runnymede Borough Council details a small extension to the left hand side of the current Ghost Train Shop and is described as comprising ‘an enclosed shop and open roofed lobby space’. As part of the extension a new set of solid timber doors will be installed along with a ‘themed window on a solid panel’. Whilst the application does not detail how the existing shop will be affected by this it does state that the proposal will ‘enhance the visitor experience’ suggesting that there could potentially be alterations to the current interior layout.

These latest proposals follow the revealing of a number of posters around Thorpe Park Resort teasing a ‘new terrifying destination for 2017’. Although it is currently unknown exactly what this new destination will be it has been rumoured that this new destination will be the addition of the second ending which was originally stated to be a part of the attraction.

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