Derren Brown and Thorpe Park Resort have today released the latest terrifying teaser for Derren Brown’s Ghost Train which is set to open next month at the Resort.

In a video released earlier today (Monday 18th April), Derren Brown unleased a creepy demon type creature on unsuspecting members of Thorpe Park Resort staff, prompting a range of reactions from those who encountered the creature. Also released were a series of images showing Derren, who is famous for his mind manipulation illusions, taking the demon for a walk on a lead near to the Grand Theatre in Wolverhampton where he was on tour with his latest show, Miracle, last week.

The creepy creature, which has been designed by Derren himself and taken a specially commissioned team three months to build and create, is due to be just one of a number of characters which will feature in the virtual reality storyline which will see guests taken on a 10-15 minute journey making them question where perception ends and reality begins. Commenting about this latest teaser, Derren Brown said:

“I am excited to reveal another glimpse into my new attraction, giving the first look behind the doors of the Ghost Train. Over the last few weeks I have been testing out the components of the attraction and decided to run scare tests with my demon creature on the Thorpe Park staff – the reactions were hilarious and very encouraging. Passengers aboard the Ghost Train will experience a pretty extraordinary combination of next generation technology, grand illusion, special effects and live action, completely unalike anything they will have seen before.”

This most recent reveal is the latest in a series of hints from Thorpe Park Resort which have offered tantalising glimpses of what guests can expect when they finally get to board Derren Brown’s Ghost Train in May. From eerie, life sized Victorian dolls which were sent to shock commuters on the London Underground, to the Resort revealing the first clips of the haunting soundtrack to the new attraction which has been created in conjunction with IMAscore.

Work has also been progressing steadily on site as the opening date for Derren Brown’s Ghost Train edges ever closer. Details are being added to the external queueline theming with an old style television being placed in one of the interior sections of the queue, whilst on the exterior wall painted signs have been added, alongside posters which all allude to fracking – could this be one of the themes which will run through the attraction? The Ghost Train Shop also opened to the public last month, offering an extensive range of merchandise which includes, amongst some of the more unique items for sale, a levitating train.

When the attraction opens to the public next month guests will be taken on an immersive 10-15 minute journey which will combine virtual reality, live action, special effects, and grand illusion to transport guests on one of 12 possible journeys, each of which will provoke an intense reaction from each individual ‘passenger’. Every sensation, journey and fear will be unique.

What do you think to this latest reveal for Thorpe Park Resort’s new attraction? Are you keen to experience Derren Brown’s Ghost Train next month? Have your say on this and more over on the Attraction Source Forum. With the grand opening less than three weeks away, we’ll keep you up to date with all the latest news from the Resort’s newest addition.
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