Fright Nights returned to Thorpe Park Resort this weekend for its 14th year, bringing a creepy carnival to the Resort, complete with sinister clowns and carnival creatures all overseen by the sinister Ringleader. Featuring two brand new scare attractions, plus the return of the ever popular Lionsgate themed mazes, we take a look at all the news from the opening weekend of Fright Nights 2015.

Headlining this year’s event is THE BIG TOP, an abandoned carnival set on Amity Beach where guests can join the Figaro Bros. famous show. Set in three large circus tents, the exterior theming creates an effective first impression, with an impressive entrance to both the first and final tents. Guests are led through a variety of carnival shows, including a mysterious fortune teller, mirror maze, fun house, torture chamber and clown’s dressing room. The maze also features an open exterior section underneath the beach bridge where The Ringleader greets guests and introduces them to a selection of carnival game stalls and a Zoltar Machine before ushering them into the final tent as other guests watch on from the bridge above. For opening weekend many guests had mixed experiences of the new maze, with some runs being better than others. Although the maze featured some good moments, some areas of the maze felt a little too large with too much space, and in places not a great deal of theming, meaning at times the experience dropped and lacked the intensity indicated in some of the promotional videos. The mirror maze was too simple in its layout with only one false path, although we understand that additional partitions and theming are due to be added to the maze in the coming days. However, despite the limitations of the space, the actors in the maze created a wide range of suitably creepy carnival characters throughout the maze and gave some very impressive performances. THE BIG TOP has a huge amount of potential and we are sure that as soon as the planned additions are made will develop even further to fulfil this.